Benefit Concert

So I’ve been so busy during the day I don’t have time to even think about entries. Hence, the lack of any substance lately. What’s my excuse for the past year, then? Okay, I admit it – my journal sucks.

However, I am feeling pretty good about this summer job. As of today we have 4 donations top raffle off totaling almost $300; 5 different local bands ranging in music genres from rock to progressive to Celtic to jam; a stage manager; security and a venue (The Patio); radio, TV, and newspaper coverage. I can’t even remember all the other details. Coming up with a contract, faxing it to the bands and having them sign it, all that stuff.

It’s pretty exciting. We probably won’t raise a shit-ton of money but it’s a start. Anything is better than nothing considering the fact that we have a budget of zero dollars and zero cents for all of this.

The date of the concert is Tuesday, July 19th. Doors open at 7pm and cover is $5 with the raffle ticket price set tentatively at $5. If we get Fry’s Electronics to donate a computer, the price will probably go up for the raffle. Tell everyone you know to come out.


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