Hot Piggy

I finally got some stuff set up at the new/old place, but it’s still kind of a mess. We’re planning on painting, possibly this weekend, because the walls over the years have gone from what appears to have been peach to a light pink. If the landlady would just paint all the trim white, the house would brighten up, but the dark wood is her pride and joy.
There are a million things wrong with the house. I knew coming in to this place for the second time in two years that there would be problems. While she had central air and gas heat installed and sent a guy in to put in an auto garage door opener, we have no mineral filters on the faucets, the cold water for the washer drips constantly in the basement, the hose on the sink doesn’t work . . . not to mention the fact that, despite the landlady’s protestations, the previous tenant apparently chain-smoked all over the house. It’s what I smell for at least two hours when I come home, until I finally get used to it and don’t notice it anymore.

But it’s disgusting. That’s why I will smoke outside until I finally just quit altogether. Who wants all their shit to stink like cigarettes? Especially stale, nasty cigarettes in the carpet and on the walls. Yuck.

We’ve made some headway for a benefit concert and community clean up in the ‘hood. There are currently 5 summer people working on fundraising at a total of 5 events. I don’t know if we’ll have to scrap one or the other event. Right now it’s a lot of work for everything we’ve come up with, but we have to find ways to raise money, as well as ways to get the name of the organization out there.

Speaking of cash . . .
I’m controlling the anger but occasionally have caught myself getting pissed once a day or so.
My status has definitely been downgraded to worthless in her eyes – I just hope she wakes up one day and feels really, really bad about what she’s done and lost.

Anyway. I’m on the third floor of a really old house that supposedly has central air but I’m sweating like a pig. None of the windows open and we have no fans, so we’re all burning up.

If you read this and you can think of any way you or someone you know may be able to help with a benefit concert or community clean-up, whether it’s volunteering time, giving donations in cash, or donations in services, products, whatever – let me know!


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