Fine, a bitchy entry it is.

I was having what I thought was a quiet evening at home; two housemates are at work until after midnight, one was home but seemed content to just sit around and watch TV. She rented a movie and we started it. About 30 minutes into it, her new boyfriend came over.
Normally, I wouldn't have such an issue with this, assuming I'd have met him more than once and wasn't sitting around in my old pyjamas.

I was attempting to keep from making majorly bitchy entries in here about people I know. But screw it. I have to get it out somehow.

I don't care whether or not he cares what I look like. I don't appreciate having strange men gallavanting around my house whenever she feels like having one come over. He's the third in just a couple of months, despite the fact that they appear to be attached at the hip and she has yet to tell the last one that she's not interested in him. The new one, Chad, I'm sure is a decent guy. I just haven't been given an opportunity to get to know him. He just comes over, they go to her room, that's the last I ever see of him. The last one, Justin, came over all day one Sunday and they watched movies. She took him to a restaurant where one of her friends works and has had him meet us out for drinks in the past. So he knows where she hangs and where her friends work. So he's clearly confused that she isn't returning his calls; she took him to a lot of familiar places, so why would she blow him off? Clearly, because she has found someone who entertains her more and does not understand the concept of putting the shoe on the other foot. Despite the fact that she's fallen all over herself in misery after having been blown off by a guy(s) in the past.

Having the new one appear at 8pm when I was already in a sour mood, with no warning, made me uncomfortable. To top the evening off, one of the cats has apparently been crapping in the office. I'm guessing it was Andouille, the one who snuck out the other day. He did it again today and I'm guessing the poo is a retaliatory measure aimed at the other cat, Ranma, to mark territory and to get him back for beating up on Douille (“doo-ee”) after his excursion outside on Monday.

The good news is – I got the job with the community service place. Technically, it's the Peace Corps, but it's a local branch that does other things. I start my training on Monday. But, you know me; I have to complain about something. While the pros are many, the main con here is that training is 9am-7pm on Monday and 7am to 4:30pm on Tuesday. Ouch! That's a helluva lot of training. At least they feed us during these marathon meetings.

Disclaimer: Let me just say for the record that, while many blogs out there are political or social or interesting, mine exists mainly as a way to keep a couple of friends updated and to bitch. If it seems as though I can never find the positive side of things it's because I do a decent job of putting on a happy face at work or in public for the most part. I also have to stay positive for some other people in my life. This is the place I can vent.
So, sorry for all the complaining so much. Gotta get it out somehow.


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