Slightly Bored . . .

It's another Saturday night and I'm home alone. I've been reading “Liquid Life” for my Religion class and highlighting the important parts. It's a really interesting subject but it's hard to sit down and read the assigned pages straight through. He has us finishing about six chapters and 90 pages in three days. Okay . . . well, that's not exactly true. It's more like two weeks, but we're going over the material in three classes. We have a final exam in two weeks and a good portion of it will be an essay related to his six dimensions of religious traditions. We are to select three of those – the three we find most often in the book – and analyze the way these are related to the material. I think they're ethical, doctrinal, experiential, social, ritual, and . . . I can never remember the sixth one.
I would have to say the number one most important dimension that I've noticed so far would be ritual. The practice of Japanese Buddhists praying and spending time with these mizuko Jizo figures seems to the most
I found it amusing that the book combines with “Liquid Life” is “The Range of Religion.” Maybe I'm just naive about college-level religion courses, but these were two texts my professor assigned. I guess I just wouldn't necessarily have put them together. Then again, maybe it's hard to find solid textbooks on the subject of world religions and these are often assigned?
The list price for the latter of the two is $84. I'm pretty lucky to have found it at Half Price Books used for a mere $7.98. God only knows how much the college bookstore would be selling them for.

It's going to freeze tonight. I had to turn the heat back on because it's 34 degrees outside. It's not going to get above 60 for the next week, as far as I can tell. This totally sucks since I was pissed about it being so hot. I almost turned on the air one day; it was hot. Now it's f-ing freezing. Stupid Indiana weather.