What am I doing?

After the past few weeks of constant running around, checking and re-checking, looking at floorplans, calling, waiting for calls . . . We finally decided to give our previous rental another shot.
Charlie spoke with the landlady several times today and yesterday and everything sounded like it was going well. She's updating the oil furnace with gas heat, putting in central air, and even a new fridge in our old half of the double. She's willing to pay for a new garage door opener as well since Charlie prefers to park the new car away from the street.

But then the same old problems started. Charlie was attempting to get ready for work and talk with her at the same time – telling her to take it off the market and we'd move back in. He was trying to compromise with her as far as the paint. If we can start moving our stuff in during the middle of May rather than the end, well, we'd do the painting. But then she started freaking out about the colors. I want to do a medium-to-dark reddish brown in the dining room and she thinks that's too dark. Then he told her about Cavan going with us for 3 to 6, maybe more, months. All of the sudden, the 1000 square-foot duplex we used to rent for $650 is $800 per month.
She tried to tell him that “with three incomes, why should that be a problem?” Except we don't have three “real incomes,” we have one full income and two half incomes. I don't have a “real” job; I live off scholarships and student loans, Cavan goes to school full time and works part time at a night club. I don't know how much money she thinks we have floating around, but the point of moving back in there is to try and save money, not pay as much for that place as we do here.
Ideally, of course, I would stay in this house and be happy forever. Unfortunately, that's not an option. Moving to a double is compromise for us because we really don't want to be in an apartment. We need a yard for the dogs, and we don't want sixty people living all around us. Plus, we know the people on that street and Charlie would feel more comfortable about me being home alone so much if there were neighbors around us who were familiar with his schedule.

The main problem is that this landlady is so greedy. She doesn't work, she just lives off the rent from each side of the double. And she wants more and more money for everything; extra rent for the pets, extra rent for Cavan, extra rent for her doing something she was supposed to do all along, like keep the basement from flooding or provide us with a window air conditioner for the upstairs portion of the house.

So while we've been seriously reconsidering moving back there, I'm now concerned about how much she's going to ask for a deposit and if we'll be able to negotiate something fair. The first time we moved in we were so desperate to get out of the apartment we were in that we paid rent on both places for two months and gave her a deposit that was $200 more than the actual rent. Even our current landlord didn't ask for a full month's rent as a deposit; he brought it down $250.

I'm worried that I'm worrying myself sick about moving. I am very, very angry with the one apartment we actually wanted to move in to and their stupid, stupid pet policy. All our problems could have been solved two months ago. Sigh.

Oh, well. I guess if this is my biggest current problem in life, I should be thankful. But the headaches it's giving me are irritating, numerous, and pounding.


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