I was thisclose to dropping my classes for next semester when a check came in the mail. The bank finally reimbursed me for the remainder of the stolen-car payments that the gap insurance company cut them for.

We’re honestly not really hurting that much for money; if we didn’t have such a big house with such high utility bills, I doubt I’d freak out this much.
It’s the “fun money” I worry about, and all the time Charlie spends at work to just scrape by. My scholarship just isn’t enough yet. I know there will be more next semester, and I know I shouldn’t worry so much – he’s a big boy and it’s his decision to support me while I go to school. But that doesn’t keep me from feeling extremely guilty about it. And it doesn’t keep reminding me that I supported him while he was in school.
I have to force myself to think about that when I get in these kinds of moods and feel like I’m being a terrible, selfish mooch.