I Love the Java Jive.

It’s amazing how hard I crash from caffeine after so many years of abuse. It’s amazing how much I can drink in a day and still sleep at night. But most of all, it’s amazing how often I find myself wistfully daydreaming of a mocha with caramel or toffee nut. Sometimes when I have none in my hand, sometimes when I have a homemade french press, and sometimes I’m just thinking about my next cup.
For example, it’s after 6:30pm, I have to be on campus for office hours tomorrow at 9am, but I am struggling with an almost overwhelming desire to make a run to a local coffee shop just to get a fix. Which is amusing because Scott was just saying how he won’t go to Starbucks every morning before work any more.
I never used to get up early just to make a run for coffee, but I did it almost every morning last week when I had to be on campus earlier than 10am. Sigh.
I don’t know, but I think I might just give in. A 12 ounce won’t hurt anyone, will it? But if I have some now then I can’t have any in the morning . . .

In other news, we may not be able to go anywhere for the week of my spring break. Despite both of us having all that time off, our vet bill for Alvy was outrageous. Well, technically, it was about a grand less than we thought it would because they didn’t charge us for his hospitalization and a few other things, but it’s still a lot. We had to pay half yesterday just to be able to take him home. We have to pay the other half by April 1st. That means whatever money Charlie would have coming in for his employee referral for Lori won’t come to him till the rest of Alvy’s vet bill is due. And I don’t see any other miraculous cash flow coming our way. So . . . I don’t know what the hell we’re going to do for that week except sleep in really late every day and watch a lot of movies. Not that this sounds terrible. It’s just that we’ve never taken a vacation alone together. And that awful night at the French Lick resort does not count.


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