Lee Press-On

Every Wednesday I head to campus a little later than usual since I have a one-credit course only on Mondays. Today I am sitting in an office for two hours waiting for a student who needs help with Chapter One of Psychology as a Social Science. The professor for whom I am mentoring has not added me to the class roster so I can’t edit any of the students’ information or email the ones who didn’t show up yesterday. We’re only supposed to work on stuff related to that while we’re in here, but I’m tempted to just read my religion homework so I can prepare myself for that class at one.

Kate did my nails for me last night. Rather than spend $25 having someone else rip what little bit of nail bed I have to shreds, I just did it myself and she helped me put on the tips and the acrylic. Sometimes I feel like such an oxymoron. Am I feminist if I want to have pretty nails and wear $600 heels? Whether I can afford them or not isn’t the point. I don’t know if reading Bitch magazine when it comes out every 3 months and getting angry at Cialis commericals can override the amount of “I Love the …” episodes I was on VH1.


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