Dilemma, dilemma, dilemma

You know your life has taken a turn downhill when the most exciting thing that could happen would be to get a box in the mail.

And what’s worse than that?

Hoping that the box you will be getting will contain the garage door opener from your stolen car.

The insurance company was supposed to recover the now-found, once-stolen Sonata within 24-48 hours of our notifying them of the vehicle being found. If anything was left in the car, they’d ship it to us.
So I’m pretty excited about a possible package in the mail containing something like my old school parking pass, the twelve dollars I had in the ashtray, but most importantly, our other garage door opener.

I spent the past two days in training for my new scholarship that is also sort of a student teaching activity. Basically, they throw a bunch of us in separate rooms throughout the week with 10-25 (usually) freshman psychology students and hope we can help them work out whatever the professor has muddied. Okay, it’s not that bad – chances are it’s not the instructor’s fault.

It’s more of a tool for successful students of the course to assist the future students in doing as well as they can. Next semester it will offer course credit. The big problem is that the scholarship isn’t a whole lot of money and the courses I have to attend conflict a whole lot with my other job. Now I find myself in the same connundrum I was in before quitting Starbucks: do I take the better paying job that has a future, or do I stick with the low-paying one because it can help me in the long run but not right now?

Charlie spoke with his managers at the club to see if they would hire me to stamp, take cash at the door, check coats, etc. I guess they said they felt it would be a conflict of interest. With him being the head of security, and were he to be called to the front because of a kerfuffle, would he do The Right Thing, or would he just try to protect me? I said I can take care of myself, but they don’t really care.

So my Huge Dilemma right now is: resigning from the position I really like without feeling like a complete shithead and still managing to find something that pays well immediately following that where I can still get in enough hours to make it worth my while without flunking any of my classes because I don’t have time to study.

Was that a run-on sentence or what?


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