Crippling Depression

I’m trying to stop myself from feeling devastated and either committing a terrible crime or offing myself. Schools in Toronto and Vancouver are looking better by the minute. Sorry, Scott.
While some people like him remain optimistic and I respect and admire their attitude, I’m having a difficult time keeping myself from sobbing. The very idea that our nation would be so completely dividied is terrifying to me. The fact that something like 80% of Bush voters admitted in exit polls that they voted strictly on “moral issues” is disgusting to me. While a man like Clinton was impeached for his private, sexual encounters, Bush has been allowed to single-handedly reverse everything the Democrats fought for all those years. His moral fiber isn’t questioned, it’s revered. A coke-head, a convicted felon and drunk driver. This isn’t worse than a guy who can’t keep it in his pants?
What took eight years to build up was destroyed in just a matter of a few months, a couple of years. And now we have to sit back for another four and allow it to continue. Whether or not the election was stolen this time or the last, the American public’s stupidity has dumbfounded me. Assuming that Kerry is somehow of a less moral fiber than Bush is just ludicrous.
What the fuck is wrong with this country? And how the hell will we ever change things if we can’t get this dumbass out of the white house? A hundred bucks says, by the 2008 election the Governator [puke] has challenged and changed the rules of the election – not to rid us of the electoral college, mind you – but to allow himself to run for Prez. I hope I’m a citizen of another country by then because I won’t know how to deal with that.


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