Hierarchy of Order

After spending way too much time watching or flipping through daytime television shows lately, I’ve determined there is a certain order in which they are placed. At least, in my mind.
From lowest common denominator to top:

– Jerry Springer
– Maury Povich
– Good Day Live
– Texas Justice
– Judge Mathis
– Judge Joe Brown
– Judge Judy
– People’s Court
– Guiding Light
– All My Children
– Days of Our Lives
– Sharon Osbourne
– Regis & Kelly
– Ellen Degeneres
– Montel Williams
– Good Morning America
– Dr Phil
– Oprah

I hesitate to put Maury so low on the totem pole since I am a fan of the “results” shows, but he really is pretty trashy. Sorry, Maury. I also put Good Day Live so low because I really hate the people on it.


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