What Would Dr Phil Do?

In the mail today I received a letter from Charlie’s dad. It was an apology for all the things that he said almost four years ago. It’s been a long time coming.
At first, I was afraid to open it. I wasn’t in the mood to deal with drama and had been banging away at homework all day. When I finished all of my psych homework, I passed the letter on the kitchen table. Made some lunch, passed it again. This time I didn’t look at it. The third time I saw the letter, I finally decided to open it. It said exactly what I thought it would, but I couldn’t bring myself to really think about it. It’s been 1,475 days since he first started saying nasty things to me, and a little under that since I wrote him and his wife a three-page letter, asking for forgiveness for whatever I’d done wrong. I couldn’t figure out, exactly, what it was that made him call my dad a loser, or why he called me a “lying bitch,” but the last time Charlie saw him, he asked when I would be coming to another game. I guess Charlie said I wasn’t planning on it as long as his dad would be there. Honest, but brutal. His dad seemed a little hurt and said, “Well, I can sit far away and I won’t talk to her.”

It bothered me that he responded like that. I didn’t know what to say to Charlie. I don’t want him to think I “hate” his dad and I don’t want their relationship to be strained now that he’s finally reached out to apologize to me. But I also don’t know how I can ever forgive him for what he did. He said something in the letter about how he should have formed his own opinions and he was under the influence of other people. So he’s excusing his behavior by saying his ex-wife made him do it? No one forced him to say anything about my family, call me names, or call my house screaming at me. And any 65 year-old man that acts this way is certainly no friend of mine.

But for the sake of Charlie, I’m assuming I’m expected to pick up the ball and accept the apology, then we can all go back to being hunky-dory.

I can’t help but wonder what Dr Phil would say. I have to stop watching daytime television.


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