Dinner and Parking

On a sour note, I missed both my morning classes. I was all the way down to campus when I noticed my parking pass was missing. Without my knowledge, Kate had borrowed it on Saturday for the Irish Fest because she hadn’t wanted to pay for parking. She forgot to give it back. After talking to a couple of guys ticketing illegaly parked cars, I determined that I was one ticket away from having to pay fifty bucks a pop. I can’t really afford the two tickets I have. One was completely my fault – on the first day of classes I couldn’t find a spot anywhere, so I parked on hash marks and got a $15 ticket. Last week I accidentally parked in “B” parking, rather than “E” and got another $15 ticket. I can’t afford anymore and I’m not happy that I missed my classes as a result of someone forgetting to give back my pass.

But here’s some more pleasant stuff . . .
I had dinner last night with an interesting couple, Traci and Medhane. Traci I met while working at the publishing company. They also invited over Chris and Sherri. Sherry also works for the publishing company, which is how Traci met her.
I don’t know how Chris and Sherri met, exactly, but he is definitely an interesting character. He’s probably in his mid- to late fifties, tattooed, wearing crazy retro tan shoes with dark brown diamonds on them. He had on a wife-beater and, over that, a Hawaiian print cotton button-down.
Standing in the kitchen while Traci and Medhane traded the apron back and forth and worked on butternut squash soup with goat cheese (delish), I realized I was the shortest person in the room by a good 6 inches. Traci might be around 5’6″ or 5’7″ but she seems a lot taller than that. Her husband is close to six feet, Charlie is over six feet, and both Sherri and Chris had a few inches on the latter two men. I felt like a little kid standing in the Adults’ Kitchen, rather than a thirty year-old woman having dinner with some friends.
The chicken was wonderful, as well. Sauteed with tomatoes, cilantro, and lime, it was juicy, tangy and sweet. For dessert we had an African coffee I’d brought as a housewarming, and a chocolatey creme brulee. They even broke out the old torch (I don’t know what those things are called, but they look dangerous, especially in Medhane’s drunk hands). It was almost too sweet, but just sweet enough, smooth and super creamy.
All in all, it was really a wonderful experience. The dinner was extraordinary, the conversation was lots of fun, and it was interesting to meet these two new people with whom we had a blast.
I would definitely love to get to know both the couples and all of the people better, but I’m afraid we don’t have the space to eat dinner with four other people. We can barely fit four at our table now. I told Charlie we need a new dining room table. In fact, I’m going to go look at them online now.
We also need lots of other new things because my stuff sucks. Traci and Medhane’s house is simple but fun and has all kinds of adorable little nooks, crannies, and personal touches the previous owners put in: mosaic tile on the back porch, a modern-looking scene painted on the front porch, built-ins with stained glass, built-ins separating the dining and living areas, a fireplace, painted walls.
I covet!


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