Good News For People Who Love Bad News

Today in psychology I noticed a cute, pert young thing sidle up next to me and sit down. This is the second time in as many weeks that I’ve noticed her do this. It’s also the second time since last Thursday that I’ve noticed a classmate do this.
And it’s not because we’re good friends, have a single thing on common, or like to chat. It’s because these kids have gotten through life on looks and perkiness alone. I, on the other hand, have to apply myself by wearing makeup and sucking in my gut when attempting to find a mate.
Last week it was this kid who carries around a leather-bound bible and disrupts the class with two other boys who think they’re incredibly clever. This week it was a girl who would probably turn her nose up at me if we passed one another on the street.
The guy asked me about the chapters we were supposed to have read, what we were doing in class, what the instructor was asking of us to be turned in this week. The girl in psych didn’t ask me much. In a way, I felt bad because neither of these kids was prepared for class. On the other hand, it’s college. We’re all paying to go here (well, I am, anyway), so I don’t particularly care to spend class time going over what other people don’t know, and assisting them to be prepared when it’s their own fault.
I’m also completely thrilled that the obnoxious kid (part of the gaggle from english that thinks they’re hilarious) emailed my entire class to tell us not to worry — he’ll be back tomorrow. And I was really beginning to enjoy the peace and quiet.

If you remember car trips with your parents as Billy Joel and Elton John played in the background but also like listening to more modern music like Air and Daft Punk, you may enjoy Scissor Sisters. They’re a throwback with a techno touch. I really enjoy their self-title debut. Just FYI.
The funny part is that the page I hit with that album recommends buying this one in conjunction with Franz Ferdinand . . . Kate and I made that very purchase at Target on Saturday. Although I wouldn’t really compare the two. At the bottom of that page are all the CDs I either want now or want nothing to do with. Modest Mouse, Air’s new one, Keane, Wilco, Hives . . .


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