Buzzed and fried.

I got fed up with trying to make posts for a while. Every time I came in to LiveJournal, I’d type away madly for a bit about something (incredibly important, I’m sure) and then the whole thing would freeze up . . . After the third time I gave up for about a week.
Basically I’m in a terribly foul mood right now. Without going in to a lot of stupid details, I’m feeling wronged. I’m alone and sick of both jobs. I feel like some people take advantage of me and I still continue to try and give or help them out.

I worked today and was asked to stay until close for a grand total of what would have been almost 13 hours (I didn’t do it, of course). Granted, I work more than that most days, but not there. My feet were already tired, I was buzzed and fried from all the caffeine I’d had to keep me moving, and I’d just had a huge adrenaline rush from a tiff with a customer.
This woman came in and ordered a blended chocolate drink. I started to make it and the new girl (who was there on her third ever shift with me from around 4 until almost 6 and barely knew how to use the register) handed me a little cup stating the customer wanted it added to her drink.
I apologized to the customer and said I couldn’t add any foreign substances to our machines, that if she wanted it she would have to add it herself. At this point, I proceeded to have the most ridiculous, pointless exchange with another human being that I ever had in my life.
The woman was absolutely appalled. She rolled her eyes, sighed, was beyond incredulous. I kept apologizing and explaining that it was just company policy not to introduce anything from outside the store in with our stuff. In retrospect she probably thought it was some snotty corporate way of trying to keep our drinks “pure,” but I doubt it. She was just beyond irritated and acted like it was the most asinine thing she’d ever heard. This set me over the edge for some reason. I was absolutely infuriated and stormed into the back after the last time I tried to explain to her that it wasn’t my policy and I was tired of saying sorry.
I broke the light bulb changer by slamming it into shelves and the wall. I banged some stuff around but I was still shaking when I walked back out. The woman was still there and wanted me to make her drink which angered me even more. In any other situation I would have handed her a coupon for a free drink on her next trip. In this situation it was all I could do to keep myself from jumping over the counter and throttling her.
I know I’m feeling testy because of my irritation with a couple of other things in my life, but is adding some stupid protein crap to your stupid overpriced drink really so important that you have to be a complete bitch to the person on the other side of the counter?
The attitude I got on a daily basis was the same or worse when I used to be at the bookstore where people would call you cheap, a thief or stupid for the offers you’d make on their used trash – I mean books – but there’s something about working for this place that makes me assume every one is a shithead. For the most part, customers are polite and pleasant to deal with at the coffeeshop. But when [insert plural female-related expletive here] like the lady from today give me attitude, it just drives me batty.

In other news I don’t know what to do with myself. I have exactly 19 hours before I have to go back in for another 8.5 hour shift (and probably with no lunch – I certainly had no time to take one today). Then the newest chick who’s been there three days would be coming in and it would be the two of us for another two hours. Argh.
Now that I’m going on and on about this stuff it makes me even more angry and upsets my stomach.
I wish I had the motivation to do something else, but all I really want to do now is take a nap. Sigh.


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