What you can do with $0.00

I hate to say it because livejournal is offering me this free place to rant, but I really miss my old journal. It wasn’t out there for everyone to read and most of my readers didn’t know who I was or where I lived. But it was hip and the style was great, I was a member (it was only a few dollars a month) so I could upload any old photo that I wanted for any reason. Now I feel sort of trapped. My words are my limit and, other than the occasional link to something I find interesting, there isn’t a whole lot else I can do. Money is (or, rather, will be) tight enough that even five bucks per month seems frivilous.
Speaking of which, I went down to the campus today and found out that I had been sent my financial aid award letter on June 23rd (I never received it) and that in it I was told I’d be receiving the grand total of $0.00.
I really can’t imagine where I’d spend it all. I mean, after you take out tuition, books, supplies, car payments, rent, utilities, I still have a whopping $0.00 leftover. That’s crazy. It’d be burning a hole in my pocket all semester.
Okay. Enough with the silliness. I almost just dropped my classes when I learned how little incoming freshmen get. I know I sound completely ignorant about student loans and school. And I am.
When I took classes a few years ago, I got the minimum amount necessary to pay for the classes. I’ve always dreaded the idea of paying for school, whether it’s now or down the road. Part of the reason I decided to put it off for almost 10 years is that I didn’t want to get student loans. Period.
Charlie has more than the maximum amount allowed for someone who isn’t in possession of a Master’s. It’s ridiculous how much he owes in student loans, how long it took him to get a degree, and what his degree is in.

I made myself take something to try and fall asleep. I only took one but I hope it works. I try not to use sleeping aids whenever possible but I think I could either sleep 12 hours per day or none at all. When there’s information to be gathered and people to be Googled, I want to stay up all night. I couldn’t call in this week or even be late, though. With Nancee being gone, my supervisor being out tomorrow and Friday, I’d have to be killed (or worse) to get out of work. Maybe I’ll take a vacation day next week and just sleep all day . . .


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