Birthday Cookout

The party seemed to go pretty well. Most everyone only stayed for a bite and headed out, but we had a few people stay around until after 9pm. I felt like I wasn’t nearly as entertaining as I should have been; my parents were pretty quiet and just sat around. I’m not sure if they ate anything. Dana was only there for about an hour then turned around and went home. I kept asking people if they wanted to play a game or something but I don’t think anyone did.

Around 6pm I started to develop a whopper of a headache. Every time Charlie or Jim laughed it felt like my head would crack open. Probably from not enough food that day combined with alcohol spread out. I didn’t drink nearly enough fast enough to get a buzz; I was just really tired.

Charlie said a few people told him they’d had a really great time, but I was afraid it didn’t go well. I’m my own worst critic. A lot of people who said they’d come didn’t, and most of the people who’d said “maybe” also never showed. In a way, this was good considering we ran out of burgers. We thought we had more than enough for everyone but this apparently was not the case.

Booze, we had more than enough of.

Now I’m back at work and cranky about it. I have Sunday and Monday off from both jobs next week, but can’t take any more time off from either for a while. The coffeeshop manager has me scheduled every day next weekend, starting July 9th. I close, then go in till 6 on Saturday, then I close on Sunday which really irritates the hell out of me. Sometimes I feel like just walking off from both jobs. I don’t know which one makes me feel crappier.

I just realized I should probably write all the people who came yesterday and thank them. That would be polite, but it’s not just a matter of being polite. It made me feel good to have all these people come and celebrate with us. It’s nice to have friends. As long as they don’t come over too often. Ha, ha, ha.


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